Friday, July 8, 2011

Snaps from the Kick-Off Party

Getting ready for our guests to
...the room was beautifully set with clay on every table...
clay-and-people let creative fingers play. There was a great turn out, with lots of happy chatter...
... while we were entertained by the wonderul Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer...
...and nibbled on an array of delicious food freshly prepared and served by the team from JustCatering.
Some of the many teacups thown over the 24 hours, Nancy and Matt serenade us, Terri shares her experience of volunteering with JustPotters and Robyn's creative "menu".
The pottery wheel began at 6pm Saturday. Guests came and helped us celebrate the kick-off from 7-10, but the pottery wheel didn't stop when they went home... and was still going at 9am the following day thanks to these amazing ladies (and others)... and it continued to go until 6pm Sunday! 24 hours non-stop! Phewf, I'm tired just thinking about it now.

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