Pottery-24 Connectors

For Connectors there will be:

Fun… at an evening celebration that will kick-off Pottery-24 on June 18th. There will be delicious food, great entertainment, and more, including…

Prizes… given to Connectors who connect their friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers to JustWork. If you raise $240, you will receive a beautiful tea cup made during the marathon to honour your work. (And you could receive an entire set of tea cups if you raise more!)

Simplicity… all you will need to is to point your friends to the videos and materials we have provided on our blog and to add you own story of why you are connected with JustWork. You won’t even have to collect cash or cheques as all donations can be made online.

Satisfaction… that comes from sharing news that will help people enjoy meaningful work, earn life-sustaining income, and participate in a community of support.

Want to Connect?... then just send us an email at pottery-24@justwork.ca. We will add you to the list of 100 Connectors and send you some information to help you get started. Hope to hear from you soon!